District Level Athletic Meet


“Senthilians don’t count their situps They only count their ACHIEVEMENTS”

  • The district level Athletic meet was held on 03/09/23 (Sunday) at Dharmapuri Stadium. 
  • Around 40 students from various categories under 14, 16, 18 boys and girls participated.
  • Under 14, 16, 18 boys and girls won 5 gold medals, 6 silver medals and 5 Bronze medals.
  • From this, 6 Athletes were selected for state level Athletic meet.

U-16 category (Boys)

1. A. Harish(X-F)   -Shortput- 1st place

2. S.Ashwath (IX-D)         -   Long jump-1st place

3. G. D. Kabilan(X-F)        -    Long jump-3rd place

U-16 category (Girls)

1. S. U. Kanishka (X-E)    -    Long jump-2nd place&    100Mtrs - 2nd place

2. J. M. Karthika (X-E)     -    800Mtrs- 3rd place

U-18 category (Boys)

1. Selvaraj (XII-D)            -    400Mtrs- 2nd place

2. M. Dharshan (XII-D)  -    100Mtrs-2nd place

3. Karthikeyan (XI-E)     -    200Mtrs -3rd place

U-18 category (Girls)

1. S. HariPriya (XII-B)     -    100Mtrs-1st place&    Long jump-1st place

2. Dhanupraveena (XII-D)        -    100Mtrs- 2nd place&    200Mtrs- 1st place

3. MadhuBala        -shortput- 3rd place

4. Kalki (XII-C)       -    400Mtrs -3rd place

5. RakshanaPriya (XII-B)          -    Long jump -2nd place

⏩Total medals

🥇 Gold-5

🥈 Silver-6

🥉 Bronze-5

Among these, the following 4 students are selected for State Level Athletic meet.

⚡A. Ashwath (IX-D)

⚡S. Harish (X-F)

⚡S. HariPriya (XII-B)

⚡M. E. Dhanupraveena (XII-C)